Define yourself by what you love!

I have heard it said that you should define yourself by what you love. So here is a short list of some things I love.

I love my family; three kids and one husband, my older brother and two younger sisters, my mum and my dad, 2 nieces and 7 nephews. All my in-laws are pretty awesome too.

I love my country Norway, and my second home, which really is my first home, England isn’t too bad either.

I love the dark nights when my house is filled with lit candles and the wood burner is on.

I love the smell of the sea side, the salty air and the fresh breeze.

I love mountains, the feeling it gives me of freedom and being alive, and obviously the most amazingly stunning views.

I love my friends, a good catch up and creating memories together.

I love teaching and mentoring. Helping people to find a sense of purpose and explore passions.

I love a good book, a great story and a good film. If it is based on a true story even better.

I love cooking, and at the moment curries are the family favourite, that and any other delicious seafood dishes.

I love good music, anything from a musical number to a rap.

I love board games and card games. Ticket to ride, Settlers of Catan, Rage and good old fashioned UNO (with some added family rules).

I love life and after years of living in chronic pain I have learnt to love the simple things in life that often don’t get a mention. Any moment when I am not in pain. Headspace to think clearly without constant interrupting background noises. The simple act of being able to get out of bed in the mornings. Goal setting; so even in the darkest moment you have managed to tick something of a list (even if that something was writing the list) -it’s the small things that keeps us going.