Man’s search for meaning

So it’s been a little while since I last put down my thoughts on paper (the webform of a notebook -a blog). Sometimes there is so much going on that it is hard to know where to start with putting words on what is happening.

We had a great Christmas, even though it was different to what most people were planning for after the UK prime minister Boris and his gang had another loft conversion added to their covid pyramid -tier 4. New years eve all over the world we celebrated the end to a difficult year, only for us here in the UK to be met by another national lockdown. This means in our house the children are all doing school from home, and we are still working for home. Basically we are spending a lot of time together in the same space. I keep on being reminded how incredibly lucky I am though as we get on so well as a family.

Whilst the whole world is still fighting a pandemic, part of our world is and has also been going through massive political chaos. The US changing the presidency after what can only be described as a child tantrum of epic proportion after the election in November from the now gone president. With Brexit and all that is going on in this country, I think I started to feel so tired and drained by it all. Leadership shouldn’t be about telling half truths or lying, or putting others down to get to the top yourself. How and who runs our countries are so important. Leadership and character is SO important.

With all this churning away in my mind, it can all feel so big and daunting. I did have some more thinking time because I had a new prosthetic leg made before Christmas that really didn’t work out well and made me have to have a lot of leg-off time. So I started listening again to one of my favourite books ‘Man’s search for meaning’, knowing that I needed to hear Viktor Frankl’s story again, and his powerful words about the last human freedom that can never be taken away from you: CHOOSING YOUR ATTITUDE IN ANY GIVEN SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES.

It is not worth using so much mental energy on the things you cannot control, instead look to the things you can do something about. Set some positive goals that excites and brings out the best in you. So I am back to writing and blogging, I am also back walking on my ‘old’ prosthetic, though revision surgery will be happening sometime this year. I have got a new bike and am enjoying having bike rides with my youngest son. Me and my 15 year old son is loving cooking (and the whole family loves eating) some epic curries with Al’s kitchen youtube channel.

So with all that is going on that we cannot do anything about, let’s focus on what we can do. All the best to you all!

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