The power and beauty of Determination!

I love the Paralympics and this years Tokyo games really was no exception. So much of what happens is simply awesome, inspiring and often blows me away. The determination to compete and to overcome challenges, the love for their sports and what it gives them as athletes and people really is something we can all learn from.

One story that really spoke to me was watching young Ellie Robinson attempt to defend her title from Rio in the 50m butterfly (S6). After coming fifth this year she gave an interview that was so beautiful and full of emotions. What struck me when watching this, is how we define OUR stories! Our measure of success and where we set our sights should be personal and not determined by anyone or anything else. Ellie’s fifth place really is a story of triumph and of determination, of deciding her own end to a chapter of her life. Nothing can hold you back if you have a strong enough desire, and in this instance the words ‘even if it meant crawling on my hands and knees to the starting block’ shows us just that. The refusal to quit and to face challenges with confidence is the a mark of a true Champion. So yes Ellie has all the rights to be proud of her achievement, and I for one am also proud of her!

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