What you say about yourself!

This week I have been thinking a lot about purpose and these words have been replaying in my head a lot:

‘What you say you are greatly affects what you become.’

I’ve shared with you before about confidence; the ability to comfortably be you, trusting yourself and having faith in your own strength and ability. This phrase just takes it all a bit further for me. It has made me think about how my words and ‘inner voices’ also frame my future, and that I can positively affect not just who I am now, but who I am becoming. Zig Ziglar famously also said: you cannot consistently behave in a manner inconsistent to the way you see yourself.

Whilst I was pondering all this one of the things I have been working on is writing a mission statement for my life, a summary of my reason for being. (If you fancy having a go at writing your own, do it! It feels good and it’s a good way for you to take personal responsibility for your future). So in the context of believing that what I say about myself will affect what I become, I am sharing my mission statement with you.

My life mission is to:

enjoy life, build a strong family that support and cheer each other on. Embrace adventure and challenges. I want to use my own experiences and life lessons learnt to inspire, encourage and motivate others to believe in their own potential.

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