What I have to give away

The Weeping Woman -by Picasso

I was recently home in Norway for a week where I spent time with my family, had some work meetings, drank a lot of coffee and ate great food. I love meeting people and this time on my last morning I had the pleasure of sitting down with a couple who’s work in Oslo with young people is nothing more then impressive. We talked about the reasons and the beginnings, the impact and the legacy. They shared some sad numbers and statistics about young people in the areas they are working and generally just poured out their passion as they explained the way they are working to make an impact through what they have created, as well as challenging some of the traditional ways we do school. The phrase that they shared that has really stuck with me was ‘I just lend them my hope for a bit until they get hold of their own’. WOW!

Picasso once said, and by the way, you don’t have to like his art to appreciate these words:

The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away!

So I have been pondering as I have a habit of doing: What does this look like today? What do I have to give? What is my gift? How do I lend out my hope to someone who doesn’t have any? How do I show kindness through my words and my actions. How do I make sure someone know they are seen and heard, making a bonkers world maybe just a little bit better? Even if it feels like a small thing – a smile can make a difference, a cup of tea made for a co-worker who you know are swamped under, a hug or a helping hand, a listening ear or simply cooking your teenage sons their favourite meal. What do I have to give?

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