Who do you lend your voice to?

There are so many things going on in the world of politics right now. American election is obviously huge, and the way governments all over the world are dealing with the pandemic is another massive ongoing situation. Most times these days I find politics to be highly frustrating and also full of people I don’t see fit to lead. And I probably for my own sanity will not write too much about such matters apart from one thing that has happened recently that I cannot leave alone.

Over the last week the case of the conservative politicians in government here in the UK voting against feeding vulnerable children one meal a day over the holidays has meant that #endchildpovertynow has trended. And in time of need -up rises a hero. A professional footballer takes on the government and rallies businesses and charities together to give the children a voice. There is many tings that can be said about these politicians, but for me the thing that got me thinking the most this week was the words of Marcus Rashford himself.

He said ‘These children matter. These children are the future of this country. They are not just another statistic. And for as long as they don’t have a voice, they will have mine.’

So the question we should all ask ourselves is ‘who am I lending my voice to?’

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