Lockdown #2

And so we are back into lockdown again here in the UK. I am feeling a bit weary and tired off it all, mostly because I am missing my family back home in Norway so much. It is the longest I, and my family have gone without being able to see our dearest over there. 1 year 2 months 2 weeks and 4 days, but who’s counting…?!? The way it looks right now the much needed and desperately wanted Christmas back home is also fading into a distant dream.

So maybe I am writing this mostly to myself, but remember to be kind and take care of yourself. Someone wise once said that ‘Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.‘ So I will ponder how to make sure that I am still able to give my best by looking after my mental and physical health this lockdown. I will be setting myself goals (keeping the new restrictions in mind) that will help me stay as sane as possible in these areas in the coming days.

And so lastly, a recommendation for anyone who are into podcasts. BBC radio 5’s ‘How do you cope’ with Elis James and John Robins is a definitely worth a listen.

BBC Radio 5 live - How Do You Cope? …with Elis and John - Downloads


  1. neale Carter says:

    Hi Silje, its really sad that you are not able to see your family and visiting for Christmas seems out of the question. I share your pain as I have children and grandchildren who live in another country and am unable to visit, everyone has their own sad stories.
    My personal challenge is to stay strong and be grateful for what I have and to help others less fortunate. We will come through this and hopefully see a better, more appreciative society. Number 1 goal – Be kind.
    Speak without offending
    Listen without defending
    Love with depending
    And live without pretending


    1. sehowes says:

      The whole global pandemic Is creating too many sad stories for so many. From loosing loved ones, not being able to visit family and friends in hospital and care homes, loosing jobs and a steady income, loneliness and not being able to travel to see family. And that is just some of it.
      You are right -being grateful for what we do have will always help us through anything. And kindness to yourself and others goes a LONG way in this world!


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