Character matters

It is fair to say that the news for the last week has been mostly covering the US election and the results. It was a few tense days before they named Biden the next president, though he still have to wait for the sitting president to get over his ‘little tantrums’ and graciously step aside admitting he lost. I have to say one thing that really made me laugh a lot was Trumps gang doing a press conference outside a garden centre in Philadelphia after Trump had tweeted announcing a big press conference at the Four season. The famous Four season hotel, who said it wasn’t happening at their premises, quickly got changed to Four seasons Total landscaping, a garden centre situated between a crematorium and an adult erotic book shop. Off course no one is admitting to this being the case of someone messing up a booking, but as someone said ‘I can write jokes for 800 years and I’d never think of something funnier.’ I absolutely agree!

Anyway, funny story aside, the thing that really spoke to me was the comment made by CNN’s news commentator Van Jones after Biden was declared the winner of this election. ‘It is easier to be a parent this morning. It is easier to tell your kids ‘Character matters. It matters. Telling the truth matters. Being a good person matters‘!

I LOVE this! May the truth, what’s right, noble, pure, lovely and praiseworthy, be what we admire and find in our leaders, and work for in ourselves too. Here’s to what matters! Here’s to the hope!

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