Be inspired

I love a film based on a true story, or reading about real people and their real experiences. I think there is something really inspiring about learning about other peoples lives, struggles, fights and adventures. At the moment we are in the process of updating the youth program, Making of a Champion, to include a few more British examples. The world out there are full of people who overcomes challenges, who follows their dreams, put in the hours and work hard, those who are determined and dedicated to their goals and purposes. Sometimes you might, like I did this week, stumble upon someone you haven’t heard of, someone who has worked hard to achieve and has shown great dedication to others, and who has changed many lives by what they are doing. This week I read about a lady called Bushra Nasir, the first female Muslim headteacher in the UK. Her story is fascinating, her life has made a big difference to so many children and to a community. She is an inspiration of dedication and to the power of being role models who inspire aspiration. As I watched interviews and read her story, I found my self pondering how many there are out there working tirelessly for a better world that I have never heard of. So my challenge to myself, and to you, is find someone who has done great things who you have not heard of yet. Let them inspire you; learn from their passions, dreams, hard work and dedication. Because the things that inspires you also teaches you something about yourself too.

PS. I am continuing to work on putting the enjoyable into Lockdown 2.0 and so we did a big batch of ‘kanel boller’ this weekend. It is not just the house smelling of fresh baking and cinnamon that is enjoyable, the family LOVES eating them too.

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