Becoming an adult!

2022 has already been happening for almost 3 weeks now. One big thing for me at the start of this year, has been to celebrate my daughter turning 18. Parent to ‘an adult’ seems like a massive leap for someone who still feels like they are winging the whole adult thing most of the time.

As you can imagine, I have been thinking a lot about growing up; about the things I know today that I wish I knew at the beginning of my adult journey. Working with young people and being the parent of teenagers, I am so aware of the pressure that they are put under, and for a lot of them the impact (and here social media plays a big role) this can have on their self-esteem, the way they perceive their abilities and the worth they put on themselves. I love to play a part (however big or small) in people developing to be the very best version of themselves. Helping to empower anyone to be a leader is to help them to; understand themselves, take personal responsibility, develop a more positive outlook on life, work on building confidence, recognizing strengths, finding the bravery to try stuff, and develop the habits that helps motivate you for success.

Whilst I was dealing with the idea of being the mum to an adult I came across something that has been whirring at the back of my mind, and it is still something I am chewing over. ‘Often who we are today stands in the way for the person we can be tomorrow.’

Who doesn’t have dreams they want to achieve, or goals they are working towards? New years resolutions anyone? When it comes to achieving goals it is often said that motivation is what get’s you started but it is the habits that keeps you going. We can all have good intentions for tomorrow and for the future, and it’s great to aim high! But the question we need to ask ourselves is; am I letting my feelings, my attitude and focus today hinder my progress towards the who I want to be?

So what would the me today want to tell the me at the beginning of my adult journey? I would say something along these lines: Unashamedly aim high at being the best version of yourself. Don’t limit yourself. Have fun! Listen well! Be honest -especially with yourself. Life won’t always be easy and sometimes things comes your way that you do not plan for: you can still live with purpose and authenticity, and please remember; it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help.


  1. Neale Carter says:

    Particularly enjoyed this one Silje. Clearly spoken from the heart, now I understand your motivation for working with young people and why you are so effective when doing so.


    1. sehowes says:

      Thank you Neale! Means a lot coming from you!


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