What to do with all the madness?

There are sometimes in life when I feel so little and helpless. I have a roof over my head, I am warm (might sometimes wish we had the heating on a bit more), I am surrounded by my nearest and dearest, I have food to eat and can take a stroll through my peaceful village and the beautiful countryside whenever I want.

Since the 24.February the pictures we are seeing on the news from Ukraine is a nation torn to shreds by Putin’s aggressive madness and his special ‘military operations’. The reality of his war means that Ukrainians have had their lives turned upside down, peace has been shattered. Millions are now fleeing their homes and their country, having to leave behind their belongings and more importantly, all the men who has to stay and fight the ‘western paranoia’ of a man who wants to remake the Soviet Union. We have read of, and seen horrible images, of the evacuations of civilians being halted because in the midst of ‘agreed’ ceasefires, we learn that we can’t trust the words of a big bully like Putin. I feel anger, frustration, sadness, and my heart is breaking for the children, the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandmothers and grandfathers, the young and the old who will be scarred mentally and physically by the injustices done to them by a neighbouring country. I also feel immensely proud of the strength, bravery and fight the Ukrainians are showing. I am amazed by Zelenskyj, a leader who is courageously fighting alongside his people, who is standing up for what is right, who is uniting, motivating and inspiring.

I am also proud of the bravery of the Russians who despite the fear of their own government and the repercussions, are standing up for what is right and taking to the streets to protest this war. So far over 12 000 brave men and women in 66 cities across Russia has been arrested trying to show their disgust at what is done in the name of their country.

Russian tennis star Andrey Rublev’s writes the message ‘No War Please’.

Apart from supporting organisations who works on the frontline in this humanitarian crisis, I do feel very little when I look at what one man and his protégées are inflicting on their own people through propaganda and fake news, and on their neighbours through bombs and bloodshed.

‘War is contempt for life’, is a line from a poem we did in school when I was younger. Nordahl Grieg wrote it to the youth, the generation growing up in 1936. ‘What is my shield against violence, what is my sword? Faith in this life of ours and the value of humanity… Don’t turn your face away from the need of others, reach out a helping hand… Defend the beautiful, the gentle and innocent…’

I might be little, but if all us little people stand up to injustice and show kindness, fight the good fight against hypocrisies and ‘dirty’ money buying it’s way into society, politics and sport, then our little bit becomes bigger. Together we are stronger! Together we will stand up for what’s right and reach out our hand any way we can!

PS. Don’t get me started on how little the UK have done for refugees so far. Makes my blood boil.

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